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Finally, an app that boots out all the hassle of organising a weekly kick-about. Our goal is to change the way grassroots football is played by reducing the time spent on all the boring off-pitch logistics and administration. Bring the fun back into football with Footsapp.
Don't WhatsApp, Just Footsapp!
Create teams on a dynamic formation page that is visible to the group with options to personalise team names and jersey colours.
View player availability in real time, manage drop outs, and add one-off players to the game
The group admin can review, edit and submit post game stats to generate a game report. You can check out all your previous games
Chat to individuals on a direct messenger or use group chat to out the guy that hasn’t yet paid
Input your stats post-match with a few simple clicks. Compare and compete against other ballers in your group on a leader board
NeVAR miss a game! Get notified of a game once created and in 1 click you’re IN (and reverse your decision to OUT, if things change)